+ What services do you offer?

A little bit of everything, custom drawn illustrations for either print (invitation, business, cards, posters, book covers...) or web needs (blog, web designs, banners, social media...). I also create logos and packagings as well as brochures and pamphlets.

Do you make web templates for platforms other than blogger.com?

I currently design for blogspot and wordpress users. I can design artwork for other platforms like top banners (headers). I also create blog content illustrations for creative blog posts.

+ Do your web templates implement the easy custom tools that the new Blogger offers?

Yes, all my latest templates make use of the customization tools found in the design section of your account.
Here's a list of what you can do with your template
  • + Choose the layout (2 column, 3 column, multi-columns) and switch back and forth from one to the other.
  • + Modify the width of the blog
  • + change fonts and text colors as well as backgrounds.

+ Do you make all the artwork yourself?"

Yes, most of the time! I accept clients that request a design but already have their image. I also use images I like from stock sites.

+ Do you install the web templates yourself?

Yes, I can install the templates for free upon request and provided with the customer's login info.

+ Do you accept any other form of payment other than Paypal.com?

Paypal is the only form of payment available. The final artwork as well as the template will be emailed once payment as been received.

+ What is the difference between a premade, and a custom web template?

1. A premade template is a template based on my own ideas or suggestions emailed to me. I make them whenever I have an idea and time.
They are available for purchase here.
2. A custom design is scheduled work. During a specific time frame, I will discuss with the client what they want as a template, the client also reviews drafts and can request modifications. This is also true for custom artwork.

+ How much do you charge for a custom web design?

The price depends largely on the complexity of the illustration work and the time required to accomplish your design. Please read my design process before contacting me for a quote. It will give you an idea of how everything will work as well as what I need to know to create the best illustration | template for you.

+ How much do you charge for other design work?

I have preset prices for print work... email me for further details.

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